The speaker programme at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire featured makers and experts from the creative industries. These fun and informative events were a perfect place to pick up some crafty inspiration and advice.

Talking heads: produced by Creative Edinburgh and Make Works Creative Edinburgh and Make Works curated a series of quick fire Talking Heads events. Six exciting guests discussed their work for 15 minutes before the floor was opened to the audience for questions.

Workshops and Building Skills – Chris Hellawell, Edinburgh Tool Library
Chris Hellawell, founder of the Edinburgh Tool Library, hosted a workshop and skill building event, demonstrating the community service his initiative provides: loaning basic tools, giving expert advice and practical demonstrations whilst providing employment and employability training for young people.

Making Connections – Gunnar Groves-Raine, GRAS & Maker Libraries
Gunnar Groves-Raine of the Edinburgh based, award winning architecture and design studio GRAS, presented Making Connections, a programme aiming to create meaningful connections between young creatives and audiences in the UK and South Africa.

Future Materials Research & Collaboration – Dundee Research Studio
Dundee Research Studio, a group of researchers, tutors, PHD students and designers based in the University of Dundee, are investigating the potential of Interactive Newsprint. This innovative and playful new technology could become a revolutionary way of telling news stories or distributing information to local communities.

CycleHack – Sarah Drummond, CycleHack
Sarah Drummond will introduced Scotland’s first ever Cyclehack, a weekend in June where designers, developers, makers and people who move across the cities in different ways, all work together to create hacks that can improve city cycling.

3D Scanning & Digital Technology – Ewan Sinclair, Visual Artist
Visual artist Ewan Sinclair spoke about his creative work with 3D scanning and all manner of digital technologies including a DIY mobile cinema and constructed neo-medieval projector wielding knights.